Rocky the Pit Bull Agility Dog in Action

pit bull agility

Pit Bulls are very intelligent and athletic dogs, but it’s not often that you see them performing agility. Rocky is a great example of a Pit Bull on an agility course.

Rocky competes regularly in various agility competitions, including the Westminster, which is one of the largest and most watched dog shows.

Agility training is a great way for dogs with high energy to release that built up energy, which in turn helps basic behavioral problems at home. A tired pup, is a well-behaved pup.

If you’re thinking about training your dog how to do an agility course, you should always start with basic obedience training first. If your dog can’t sit or wait on command, then it may be hard to train him to jump and weave. Once you get basic obedience commands down pat, start with simple agility obstacles like a bar jump on the lowest setting.

You can purchase agility training obstacles, make your own or find an facility near you that offers an agility course to run.

When training your dog to run an agility course, even if it’s just to exercise him, make it fun. The more fun and energized you are, the more fun he’ll have.