Pit Bull Puppy Plays with Big Pit Bull

It’s always cute to watch a little dog play with a bigger dog… Well this puppy definitely shows out. Even when the adult Pit Bull tries to get away the Pit Bull puppy doesn’t let him rest.

How cute are these two Pit Bulls?

When you DO have a young puppy and an adult dog, you want to make sure that you give the adult dog his own time. Take the puppy away and let him rest in a crate, so that the adult dog can have “me” time or family time.

Even if your adult dog is used to being around other dogs, puppies really can be a nuisance, so keep a close eye when they’re playing and always separate them when you see the first sign that the adult dog is tiring. That’s when the new puppy needs to visit his crate. Just remember to let him outside to potty first or you may have an accident in the crate; puppies tend to have to potty during or right after hard playtime.