Petey The ‘Little Rascals’ Pit Bull

Petey from the original Our Gang comedies was a pit bull, but he was later replaced with an American Bulldog in remake in 1994. But, during the 1920s and 1930s, an American Pit Bull followed a group of mischievous kids around town.

Petey’s real name was “Pal the Wonder Dog,” who was sired by Earl Tudor’s “Black Jack”. He started his career in film in the 1920s as “Tige” in Buster Brown, and when he was six months old, Pal made a cameo on the Harold Lloyd movie The Freshman, in 1925.

Pal the Wonder Dog was trained and owned by Lt. Harry Lucenay. When Pal was poisoned and died in 1930, Lucenay used on of his offspring, “Lucenay’s Peter,” in the Our Gang series. Pal’s offspring was actually registered as an American Staffordshire Terrior, and not an American Pit Bull.

Lucenay’s Peter continued as Petey on the series. He died on January 28, 1946, at 16 years old.

Our Gang in 1929