Pit Bulls Don’t Feel Pain – Pit Bull Myth

Myth about Pit Bulls: Pit Bulls do not feel pain.

Pit bulls are dogs, and they have the same physical makeup of any other dog.  Pit bulls, Labrador retrievers and Chihuahuas all have the same nervous system that allows them to feel pain the same way.

What is true is that the breed has the determination and tolerance to withstand higher pain tolerances. Just like people who have a higher pain tolerance, pit bulls are like those people.

  • Can you take a pit bull and taser it without the dog feeling anything? No.
  • Can you poke a pit bull with a hot fire poker without the dog crying? Unlikely.

The idea that Pit Bulls do not feel pain comes from the breed’s tendency to react in stressful situations. Pit bulls were bred to have a high level of determination to push through the fight, no matter the physical discomfort. It’s become public perception that because a pit bull may not cry, whine or whimper, it must be a sign of a lack of pain, but it’s a sign of desire to complete a task to please.