Pit Bulls Make Good Guard Dogs – Pit Bull Myth

Myth about Pit Bulls: Pit Bulls make good guard dogs.

Because there are many Pit Bull myths about breed aggression, it only stands that there’s one about guarding.

As a breed, Pit Bulls are generally quite friendly with people. Unless a Pit Bull feels threatened or feels like his owners are they threatened, he will generally lick a stranger rather than bite a stranger.

Throughout history, Pit Bulls have been bred to be dog aggressive, but even fighting dogs have to be people friendly. They had to be handled by their owners and trainers. In many fights, trainers would wash the opposing dog before the fight to ensure that a bite inhabitant was not used. If the dog showed any signs of fear or aggression to the strange trainer, the dog was not allowed to fight nor breed. Human aggression was a trait that even serious dog fighters avoided when breeding their top fighting dogs.

That being said, Pit Bulls are not naturally good guard dogs. Many breeders of game Pit Bulls use Dobermans or Rottweilers to guard their Pit Bulls.