Bless the Bullys Tennessee Pit Bull Rescue

Bless the Bullys is a small non-profit pit bull rescue located in Gainesboro, Tennessee that started with the love of one adopted Pit Bull- Tiffin. In 1998, Tiffin was adopted and changed the founder’s view on bully breed dogs. Tiffin passed away in 2011, and the doors of Bless the Bullys were opened in 2004.

The pit bull rescue was out solely to rescue bully dogs, but over the years, they’ve noticed a bigger need for education and advocacy for Pit Bulls against breed specific legislation in the state of Tennessee and across the country.

The pit bull rescue’s goals are to help pit bulls and bullies in need of a loving home, as well as educate the public on the wonderful breed.

Because of Tiffin and his love and devotion, the founder of Bless the Bullys still plunges forth in attempts to make a positive change for all pit bulls and their responsible owners.

Bless the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue is the founder of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, which is on October 27. The National Pit Bull Awareness campaign is a nationwide effort to bring positive awareness and attention to the American Pit Bull Terrier. Learn more about the campaign and how YOU can take part, please check out the National Pit Bull Awareness Day website.

Bless the Bullys, also, supports Project PITS (Partners in Teaching Skills), which is a program that was created by Terry Hrasok, Lisa Constable and the founder of Bless the Bullys. The program benefits society and homeless animals by pairing rescue pit bulls with youth offenders. The dogs are taught basic obedience to prepare them for adoption, and the boys are given the sense of accomplishment, self-pride, etc.

If you live in the Gainesboro, Tennessee, area and are interested in adopting a dog, check out the dogs that are for adoption with Bless the Bullys.

Or, if you just want to donate, the rescue is always in need for funds to take care of the vet bills, housing, diet and basic care of all the adoptable dogs. You can, also, donate supplies.


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