Out of the Pits – New York Pit Bull Rescue

pit-bull-rescue-new-yorkOut of the Pits is a not for profit organization in New York. The Pit Bull rescue was founded in 1994 to educate the public about American Pit Bull Terriers in attempts to restore the breed’s reputation.

They visit dozens of schools and institutions with their certified therapy Pit Bulls, teaching humane education. They visit areas of New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The educational program currently works with children in elementary programs, but there is hope to expand through college. But, until then, children are the main point of interest for the educational programs, as children determine the future.

Only when the true nature of the breed is recognized, will a sufficient number of loving homes open up to the many thousands of displaced dogs filling streets and shelters.

Out of the Pits Rescue has a Free Pit Bull Spay/Neuter Program called “Fix-A-Bull” in attempts to address the overpopulation issue. Since there are thousands of unwanted dogs and only hundreds of willing adopters, the shelter does what it can to rehome the dogs they can and educate others about the breed.

According to Out of the Pits Rescue, about 1 in every 600 Pit Bulls are actually rehomed. By offering a spay/neuter program for the breed, they can reduce unwanted litters and reduce dogs running on the streets.

If you want to donate to Out of the Pits Rescue, please donate on their website. They accept PayPal, so it is a secure transaction. Even if you can only offer $10, that will feed one dog for an entire week.

  • $10.00 will feed a dog for a week
  • $25.00 will buy them a collar, leash and micro-chip
  • $50.00 will cover their vaccinations
  • $100.00 will help cover their neuter  or spay costs

If you’re in the New York area, please consider adopting one of the adoptable Pit Bulls. They have puppies and dogs of all ages available.