Pit Bulls and Parolees

pitbulls and parolees

The television show premiered on October 30, 2009, but Villalobos was founded in the early 1990s. Although, they did not become a Pit Bull rescue until 1994; previously, the shelter was a wolf rescue.

At any given time, the shelter houses 150 to 200 dogs, costing the rescue $1,000 a day to run.

Tia Maria Torres is the founder Villalobos. With her two daughters- Tania and Mariah) and various volunteers and employees, this is the largest pit bull shelter in the United States.

There are actually two locations where one can find Villalobos. There is one facility in New Mexico, where the “Pit Bull Ponderosa” is located and houses ‘lifers’ which consist of seniors and unadoptable dogs. The new facility is located in Louisiana in attempts to better help with the large pit bull population in the state.

‘Pit Bulls and Parolees’ isn’t just about Tia’s love for Pit Bulls, but it shows the world that you can give animals and people a second chance. In 2006, Tia started the Underdawgz program where adult and juvenile parolees work with the dogs- training them, exercising them, and caring for them.