Rescue a Senior Pit Bull Dog

  • Senior dogs like to cuddle.
  • Senior dogs have a lot of love to give.
  • Senior dogs will be grateful to you forever.
  • Senior dogs have already learned the hard lessons, like not eating shoes and the house is not the place to potty.
  • Senior dogs can sometimes be easier to acclimate to your home and household.

Senior dogs are often overlooked when at the shelter because they aren’t a cute puppy, but they need homes too.

  • Older dogs can be easier to train then young puppies because they aren’t as easily distracted.
  • You see what you get, so you know the dog’s adult size, personality, and basic requirements.
  • Older dogs do not require as much monitoring as young puppies.


The next time you’re looking to adopt a new dog, consider adopting a senior dog. Just because they may be older, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need just as much love as a young pup.