New York Bully Crew – New York Pit Bull Rescue

new york pit bull rescueThe New York Bully Crew is a non-profits organization that was founded in December 2010.

The Pit Bull rescue is located on Long Island, but they adopt and rescue from around the United States. No animal in need is turned down.

The dog rescue strives to bring positive attention to a dog that is often vilified. They hope to give second chances to mistreated dogs and discarded pets. The rescue rehabilitates dogs and educates people.

The New York Bully Crew hopes to find loving and responsible homes for any dog that comes to them. That is their main objective. The workers and volunteers all believe that there is no bad dog, just bad owners, which is why they shelter has a rehabilitation program for dogs that need more obedience training and socialization before being put up for adoption.

The Pit Bull rescue in New York promotes the breed as intelligent, athletic, loving and loyal dogs, which is exactly what they are.

If you are in the New York area, please consider adopting from the New York Bully Crew. You can see the available dogs for adoption on their website > NYBC Adoptable Dogs. If you’re not sure if you want to adopt right now, but you want to help, consider fostering. Getting dogs out of shelters and into homes help integrate the dogs in a family environment.

To purchase calendars, apparel and tote bags from the rescue, check out their shop – proceeds go towards feeding, housing, rehabilitating and treating dogs in need. If you don’t want products, but you want to donate, there’s a PayPal donation button on the left side of their website.