Joint Support + Skin Supplement for Dogs


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No Reason To See Your Best Friend Suffer From Arthritis/Bone Fracture Pain

Why should you? It feels even worse knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

Well, that last reference was not entirely accurate. There is actually something very helpful you may do.

Feed your pup with the finest food supplement for skin & joints of the market – The Makondo Supplement.

Made To Mobilize & Activate The Whole Body

Ideal for pets with chronic mobility or arthritis problems, who limb and feels difficult even to walk around – for elderly AND younger dogs.

The senior dogs will feel relief from most pain and will be able to stand, walk around, get up on your couch, while the younger ones will maintain their skin & joints healthy for longer.

Let Them Taste Their Health Superfood

The Bacon Flavored Chewables will be a delicacy in your pet’s plate, along with its regular food. Thus, there will be no taste or smell issue for your puppy or cat not to eat, as they refuse to consume most liquid & powdered similar products.

The package contains 60 delicious Chewables, which will make your pet more than happy to eat.

Just in case you are not entirely satisfied we offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Place Your Order Today & See The Difference Yourself!


  • Restores and maintains the smoothness and elasticity of skin and coat. Prevents hair loss
  • Supports healthy joints and promote joint mobility and flexibility. Ideal for elderly pets
  • Helps the body to build cartilage. Helps the regeneration of broken bones (fractures)
  • Prevents brittle nails. Improves nail and teeth strength.
  • 60 BACON-FLAVORED tablets for Dogs and Cats. Pets love them as a treat or sprinkled over their food


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