Adventures of Buddy: A Collection of Short Stories


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Hi! My name is Buddy, and I’m a pit bull dog. I was adopted from the local animal shelter. Now I live in a nice home with my new mom and dad, and I have a brother, Gus. In the beginning, with my first dad, my life was gloom and doom. My new mom noticed I was abused since I walked all hunkered down with my head tilted sideways. I did not trust anyone. Some people think the worst of me since I’m a pit bull. My life has changed a lot from my first home. Now I have lots of friends who like me. My special friend is Lucy. Lucy comes to visit me in my time of need. Lucy will appear from time to time in future books. My mom said there are more stories to tell since I am so smart and full of mischief. I hope you all look forward to reading more stories of the Adventures of Buddy.

  • Adventures of Buddy A Collection of Short Stories


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