Misidentifying Dogs

Many people use the statistics of various websites and articles when comparing the number of dog bites and dog fatalities by dog breed.

Some studies use newspaper reports, which don’t always accurately portray the dog breed.

The misidentification of dogs is quite problematic when trying to determine the actuality of public safety concerns. And, many studies show that people just cannot identify dog breeds by site. People tend to generalize- it’s blonde, so it must be a Golden Retriever.

Using “Pit Bull” in many statistics include purebred and mix breed dogs. In shelters and in media-terms, this classification includes dogs that are stocky and muscular with a head that may be more square than other dogs, a shorter muzzle, and a wide jaw.

Black and tan, short-haired dogs are often labeled as Rottweilers, and dogs that have a longer coat and up-right ears are typically a Shepherd.

These are general characteristics that can apply to many different dog breeds. The concept of finding ta dog’s exact mix is quite complicated, and the likelihood of predicting the genetics of a dog is pretty remote.

Identifying a Pit Bull, much less any dog, can be complicated. Identifying a Pit Bull is one of many reasons that dog bite statistics can be quite false.